Exploding Egg

The Adventure Begins

As I set of for the Pacific Northwest, I of course have a few things I hope for and a few pitfalls I expect.

I’ve been to Portland in all seasons, and despite warnings of Seasonal Affective Disorder, I have to say I’m actually pretty fond of rain. But I suppose this is a possible pitfall that could make the egg explode.

I’ll probably use some sort of light therapy for the winter rainy months, even though I’m not sure I’ll actually need it. I’m a bit of a cave troll, and I tend to like darkness and computer screens more than sunlight and fresh air.

On the positive side, I  have a lot of good friends in The City of Roses, and I’m looking forward to spending more time with them all. I also plan to let them drag me out of my dark cave, which will be a new experience in some ways.

The things I imagine I’ll miss most from my desert days are green chile and New Mexican food, along with, of course, my wonderful assortment of friends and family members here in the Land of Enchantment.

I’ll also miss being able to go see my University of New Mexico Lobos play. I love going to football games here, but now I’ll have to root from afar. I do, though, plan to adopt the Oregon Ducks as my new college team — after the Lobos, of course.

What I won’t miss from Albuquerque is the year-round allergies and altitude, both of which irritate my asthma and damage my general ability to breathe. Those things have made me into much more of a cave troll than I’ve ever been in the past.

I hope Portland will be a luckier place for me to find a job, despite its bad economy. Even if I have to take something completely unrelated to my skill set, at least I’ll be near the ocean — something I’ve missed horribly since I left Boston. Being able to go commune with sea lions after driving just an hour or so is an amazing selling point.

Of course, as a snarky Boston girl, I am concerned by the lack of a major Dunkin Donuts presence in the Pacific Northwest. I know the area is known as a coffee haven, but I tend to prefer a nice mild blend like Dunkins to the strong, somewhat burned flavor of Northwestern coffees. I guess we’ll see what turns up out there — at least you can buy Dunkin’s coffee in supermarkets now.

Overall, as spring blows into New Mexico, making me sneeze and gasp for air, I’m eager for my new adventure to begin.

I’m ready to explore something new.




March 30, 2010 - Posted by | Hopes and Realities

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