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Saying Goodbye to Albuquerque’s Ditches

I’ve always been drawn to watery places — streams, rivers, oceans and here, of course, Albuquerque’s ditches.

The ditch trails are irrigation waterways that have long stretched through Albuquerque’s north and south valleys, used by farmers and livestock owners that have lived here for centuries.

One of the things I’ll miss about this place, and especially my house here, is walking the ditch that runs behind my house to a public agriculture area that was once called Anderson Field.

Of course it’s spring now, and horribly windy, but I won’t be in the Duke City much longer, so I braved the itchy, watery eyes and wheezy lungs to bring you all a look at one of my favorite intimate places to spend time and exercise.

When the weather’s good, I used to call this my 30-minute walk. Down the path, across the back of the field to the gate — which I would tag and then walk back home.

Here’s a way for you to join me, and for me to remember it — through a few pictures and videos:

The ditch behind my house

Starting down the trail

Horses in a North Valley backyard

Ditch water close-up

Cottonwood tree

More cottonwoods lining the back of Anderson Field

Tagging the gate

Thanks for walking with me.



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