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Exploding Brain

One thing about being unemployed for a long period of time is that it’s very easy to get cabin fever.

It’s the beast that’s constantly in the back of your mind. Suddenly there’s all this time on your hands, no money to spend and no friends — except your unemployed ones — to hang out with during the long uneventful days.

You toss resumes out into the wilderness, especially in this economy, and sometimes don’t hear anything back at all. Other times you get back some sort of canned form letter explaining that you’re one of 1,000 applicants and that you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

Then you get suggestions from people for jobs that are completely wrong for you, like becoming an insurance claim investigator or whatever. And you just have to smile and say thanks because you know they mean well.

After so much of nothing, the temptation gets stronger and stronger to put your fist through the wall rather than apply for yet another job that you’re sure will end up as yet another rejection note.

When working it always seemed like time off would be great to finally dig into that novel or get in shape or whatever. But the frustration sometimes makes it hard to concentrate on things like that.

So what do you do?

You know it's bad when it's not even fun to drool over stuff in the electronics deparment

I’ve avoided writing about this stuff mostly because I’m not sure I want it out there for potential employers to read. I’m not going to say exactly what I’ve been up to these past eight months, other than that I’ve been doing everything I can think of to keep myself from climbing the walls.

Distractions are key, wherever you can find them — whether that be through playing video games, going on little media fests investigating actors and musicians or spending a day on the Web looking for every single article you can find about dinosaurs turning into birds.

Spring here in New Mexico, for me, has been more harsh in the cabin fever department because I have such severe problems with allergies. Which means I’m spending too much time on the computer in my living room because it beats going outside and breaking out into hives.

I’ve occupied myself mostly for the past few months with getting out of here. My Albuquerque house is pretty much sold, my new house in Oregon is secured and a change of scenery and hopefully the end of this cabin fever awaits.

But these last couple weeks seem hard. I’m ready to go, but all I can do is wait and toss out more resumes.

At the same time, I’m a lot more hopeful than I’ve been in months. If nothing else, going outside and being only about an hour from the ocean will keep me in a much better mood.

And after almost eight months of not writing anything, this blog has made me realize that it’s something I still really enjoy doing. So perhaps if the job market continues to be stagnant I’ll actually take a crack at that novel.

I think I needed the time away from writing, though, to clear the journalism bug from my system. I still miss it, but not in the same stress addicted way that I did when I first got the axe.

I worry that I’ll still have cabin fever once I get to Oregon. But hopefully this blog and my efforts to build an audience for it will help. I’m ready for this feeling that my head is about to explode to end.

Two more weeks, just two more weeks.

Cheers folks,

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