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Miami Medical Drinking Game – Love It!

Aah the week is over and Friday night’s reward is almost here in the form of another Miami Medical. I’m eager to see more of Jeremy Northam developing his Dr. Proctor character.

I hope this episode comes together more strongly than the pilot, because Northam is just so much fun to watch — in anything. I’d probably even find it interesting to watch him reading a subway map.

Mike Vogel and Jeremy Northam

I’ll have a report on my take of episode two late tonight or tomorrow sometime in the review section.

In the meantime, though, I noticed Jeremy Northam ambassador and welcoming committee president Gill found this gem from the show’s Executive producers blog:

Episode #2…the Miami Medical Drinking Game…and The Faberge Effect.

Gill’s got a great site for all things Northam at www.jeremynorthaminfo.com. If you like the actor I’d urge you to go check it out. She also does a blog about him at jeremynorthamfanblog.wordpress.com.

Very nice bunch of fans Mr. Northam has. Very welcoming.

I wonder if they’ll be playing the drinking game tonight. Here’s a cut and past from the executive producers blog about how to do it:

1) Every time an EMT gives the ‘bullet’ (medical download of what’s happened to the patient to one of Our Doctors — Take a drink.
2) Every time on of Our Doctors says, ‘Page Proctor’ — down an entire drink.
3) Every time one of Our Doctors attacked by a patient — drink with your BAD hand (and if not you have to speak in a British accent for the rest of the episode.)
4) Every time our doctors end up on the roof (this will get explained this episode) — grab someone else’s drink and down it. The last one to do so gets their spleen removed using a butter knife from the kitchen. (Wait, wait… we’re kidding on this one.)

Here’s the tease for this week’s show, by the way:

88 Seconds


Update: I forgot to add another great Northam site – Jeremy Northam Chat, run by Gayle. Also a superb way to get involved in the Northam fan community.


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