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Welcome to the Bad Economy, Make Yourself at Home

One thing about this economy and the high unemployment rate, I’m certainly not the only person out here freaking out about money.

I ran into a neighbor walking his dogs today after I decided to go for another round of hives — in the form of a walk in the pollen-strewn Albuquerque air.

My Park

He noticed the sold sign on my townhouse and asked me what it went for, and my selling price is less than he paid for his unit. I’m lucky. I bought in 1998. I should get at least a little moving money out of this, although not much more.

I asked him if he wanted to sell and he said he did, because the homeowner’s association keeps taking him to court for not paying fees. He’s been unemployed since October and can’t pay them.

I don’t blame him. I’ve paid mine, even though I’ve been unemployed since August, but it hasn’t been easy.

But he can’t sell. Not without losing the small bit he has to live on for the time being. It’s the same for a lot of folks, unfortunately.

He told me four other people in his part of the complex are also unemployed. That makes me wonder how many overall are out of work here with me in this little corner of the Duke City.

They say it’s not bad in Albuquerque — “only” 9.6 percent or so unemployment. The rest of the country’s worse. But I think more than that it depends on what industry you were once in and how that particular section is going.

This guy looked like he did something strong, heavy — construction, maybe. That industry isn’t doing all that well. Nobody to buy.

That sector will improve one day, I hope. I don’t hold out similar hopes for print media, but maybe there will be a way to eek out a living with it on the Web some day. Just not now.

Things are tough everywhere — I guess that why I figure it doesn’t really matter if I stay put or move to Oregon. I can chuck resumes out from pretty much anywhere, and Oregon at least is somewhere I want to be.

Anybody want to buy a writer?



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