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Joe Mantegna, You Rock

I’m sure it’s no fun to be famous and have people hounding after you all the time, but that said it’s always cool when somebody like that actually makes an effort to reach out to their fans.

I’ve loved Criminal Minds since I caught the first episode — I’ve always been a fan of dark dramas and crime shows. The chemistry between the characters and the actors involved is obvious, and wonderfully well-oiled.

There’s always a lot of buzz floating around there in Web land, and it’s nice to every now and then find something official or verifiable or real.

And while I know a lot of people are afraid of computers, it’s nice to see that a talented actor like Joe Mantegna, who plays agent David Rossi on the show, isn’t.

I mention all this because I stumbled onto his official Facebook site, here: Joe Mantegna on Facebook.

And he also has a twitter page here: Joe Mantegna on Twitter.

What’s surprising about both of these sites is that there are real pictures from him and what seem to be real posts.

A shot of Joe Mantegna and Paget Brewster from Mantegna's Facebook

It’s refreshing to see an actor with his talents reach out to people like that. So Bravo, Joe!

Keep up the good work — both online and in the show!



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  1. […] Thomas Gibson and Paget Brewster – Yup, You Rock Too… A while ago I posted a little something about Joe Mantegna, and how cool he is for using technology to communicate with his fans: Joe Mantegna, You Rock […]

    Pingback by Thomas Gibson and Paget Brewster – Yup, You Rock Too… « Exploding Egg | April 21, 2010 | Reply

  2. He is a great actor. I love his voice…Keep doing it.

    Comment by Ida | July 7, 2010 | Reply

  3. I’m not able to read as well as I use to, old age you know!
    I checked out a Robert B Parker novel on cd from a local library. As I was listening to the narrator, I thought I recognized the voice and it soon dawned on me that this was one of my favorite actors, “The Joe Mantegna”! Hey, “Spencer” can you be a “wiseinheimer” as in your spencer series at times? Don’t suppose this e-mail will ever reach your staff, but I still wanted to say how much I have always enjoyed your film. JIM

    Comment by Jim C. Beeman | August 31, 2010 | Reply

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