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And Now For More Miami Medical Buzz

There’s a new post up at the Miami Medical Executive Producers Blog about tonight’s episode, What Lies Beneath.

Mike Vogel, Elisabeth Harnois and Jeremy Northam in Miami Medical

In the post, the intrepid producers mention that: “On the personal side… there is a 63% chance of flirting… with a 74% chance of carousing… and a 98.2% chance that lines are crossed.”

Just where, exactly, are you guys going with this?

There’s also been a little teasing on Jeffrey Lieber’s unofficial MM site that: “We’re telling you now… (looks over both shoulders)… somebody’s getting nekkid!”

The blog post also says:

One of my FAVORITE moments of the entire first season happens this episode when a bunch of our doctors end up in an operating room with a member of the janitorial staff. Can’t say too much more about that other than… Jeremy Northam was a very good sport about the scene… and it’s a must see for fans of his in particular.

OK guys, now you really have me curious. Who does what in the operating room with the wrench?

Can’t wait to check out the episode this evening. Quit teasing me, will ya?



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