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Albuquerque to Portland, Tribune Style

Everyone who worked at The Albuquerque Tribune during my tenure from 2000 on knows and has spent quality time with the green foam football, which is known now by its official title “The Football.” It was an almost daily companion for all of us.

We used to toss it down the office’s long hallway and occasionally, when the boss wasn’t looking, across the entire newsroom. We got caught a few times, pun intended, but the paper had such a nice family atmosphere that the boss was a good sport about it.

During power failures, The Football would always come into the parking lot with us for some “go deep” pass and catch games.

When I left to work at the Santa Fe New Mexican, just before The Trib closed in February 2008, I signed the football and gave it to Mark Holm, generally awesome guy and The Trib’s photo editor.

Mark took the football with him to his new job in New Hampshire, where he worked for a short while, and then to Colorado to the Rocky Mountain News, which itself folded about a year ago.

But The Football’s journey is far from done. So before I took off for Oregon, Mark signed it and gave it back to me so it could start its next adventure.

Here, then, is a chronicle of its journey…

The Football in Albuquerque at my old home

The Football chillin and drinking a beer with my nephew Corey

The Football and the fams -- Ian, Corey and Kathleen Bardwell, Mark Wooldridge and Leo Bartnik -- on a UHaul loading break

The Football gets to Colorado, and thinks to itelf, in an anthropomorphic way, 'haven't I been here before?'

Leo and The Football: 'Listen Football, if you ask me 'are we there yet' one more time, I'll throw you out of this car!'

Somehow the trailer went flat overnight in Provo, Utah. The Football tried to cheer us both up. Here it is with Leo.

Leo, handy guy that he is, called the UHaul folks and got us back on the road in no time. The Football waited patiently with me here while he called.

The Football, hanging out by a sign to prove it was in Provo, Utah

The Football in Idaho, a state with a significant stinky cow population. On a more positive note, though, even the truck stops there have good mashed potatoes.

Finally, The Football gets a chance to relax and hang out with its friend, sweatshirt, at our new home in Portland, Oregon

Now that its journey is done, The Football plans to take a few days to recuperate and help me unpack. It wanted me to tell everybody to come visit, so we can toss it around in the park down the street.


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  1. Nice couch!

    Comment by Leo | April 27, 2010 | Reply

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