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Criminal Minds: Twitter Brings Out More Cast Chemistry

So it’s been about a week since I first noticed the Twitter-fest going on amongst the cast of Criminal Minds — and watching them interact with each other remains both fun and fascinating.

It looks like these guys have a blast together. The show really does have great chemistry, and maybe that’s why.

The actors are also very cool with fans. I think Thomas Gibson has about 20 or so tweets from the past few days just saying “hellloooooo” to people in various ways.

If you want to follow the Twitter fest, here are addresses for the five actors on the site so far:

Paget Brewster (who plays Emily Prentiss): pagetpaget
Thomas Gibson (who plays Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner): gibsonthomas
Matthew Gray Gubler (who plays Spencer Reid) : GUBLERNATION
Kirsten Vangsness (who plays Penelope Garcia): Vangsness
Joe Mantegna (who plays David Rossi): joemantegna

I decided to copy a bit more of the past few days’ conversation with the actors talking to each other and to their fans here so you guys can check it out and see what I mean.


April 25, GUBLERNATION: (w/ pic of Gubler golfing with a scarf on) I lead a life of extreme leisure

Golfing Gubler

April 25, GibsonThomas: @GUBLERNATION ok, a scarf…whew…wait, a scarf, really? On the driving range?

April 25, GibsonThomas: @GUBLERNATION @starz_hollow aha! The golf bug has bitten! Is that a tie? Is it one of Hotch’s….??!!!

April 25, GibsonThomas: Goob has inspired me to go to the driving range, scarfless however…

April 27: Retweeted by JoeMantegna: Felixisa: @JoeMantegna : a gift for Shemar (Shemar Moore, who plays Derek Morgan): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuWUJh2OWOU (YouTube video of Gubler montage with Love Boat)

April 27, GUBLERNATION: Since Shemar won’t join Twitter I have decided to Twitter for him until he does. Here goes…”yo yo yo waxin my abs and pluckin my brows”

April 27, GUBLERNATION: Another Shemar tweet “yo yo yo my fav actors in the world are Billy Dee Williams, the captain from the love boat, and Matthew Gray Gubler”

April 27, GUBLERNATION: Blowing stuff up while keeping my neck warm (w/ pic of Gubler with scarf and gun)

Gubler at the range

April 27: Pagetpaget: “Yo yo, Shemar here, I just gave my dog a wedgie!”

April 28 PassionForMusic: @JoeMantegna so it’s my 18th birthday today, do you think i could get a quick hello or something? 🙂

April 28, JoeMantegna: @PassionForMusic Happy Birthday!

April 28, JoeMantegna: (apparently answering somebody’s tweet) It may sound corny but my favorite park of working with them is that we are like a family. Not only the cast but the crew as well.

April 28, JoeMantegna: (apparently answering somebody’s tweet) Yes I’ve been to Quantico a couple of times. The last time with Thomas Gibson. I think I have a photo.

April 28, JoeMantegna: Thomas and I with Jim Clemente, a real BAU profiler. (w/ pic of them at Quantico)

Mantegna and Gibson

April 29, Vangsness: (perhaps apologizing for not being on much) While manipulating the actual universe I forget the twitter one at times

April 29, Pagetpaget: When I type Gubler, my iPhone corrects it to “Giblets”. Perfect.

April 29, iUnapologize (Retweeted by GibsonThomas): @Gibsonthomas Are you going to upload a cast picture for the last day? I would love it. And are you watching the Spurs tonight?

April 29, GibsonThomas: Ready for summer school! (w/ cast pic minus Vangsness)

The cast sans Vangsness

April 29, GibsonThomas: And are you watching the Spurs tonight? /via @iUnapologize GO SPURS!!!

April 29, Rum1sGone : What a great group picture … aren’t you missing @vangsness

April 29, GibsonThomas: @Rum1sGone standby!

April 29, GibsonThomas: The gangs all here! (w/ full cast photo)

The full cast

April 29, Vangsness: (Retweeting GibsonThomas’ picture) One more day until vacay it’s bittersweet

It just makes you want to hang out with them, doesn’t it? Tres cool, guys. And the show is still the best!



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  2. los adoro….. mi familia completa son fans de su serie. No nos perdemos uno solo de sus capitulos. mi hija esta enamorada de morgan y yo apesar de que amo a mi esposo, estoy convencida de que hotchner es un encanto de hombre….. nos emocionamos a mas no poder con sus esplendidas actuaciones. muchas felicidades por el enorme talento que todos tienen. somos mexicanos y adoramos su programa..

    Comment by anny clemente | February 7, 2012 | Reply

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