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Miami Medical: A Cast-Inspired Drinking Game

Elisabeth Harnois, who plays Doctor Serena Warren on Miami Medical, has been ginning up (pun intended) a little drinking game for us for tonight’s episode, Calle Cubana, on her Twitter site at ElisabethHarnoi.

So far, there are only two rules, but perhaps she’ll take some fan suggestions if you contact her on Twitter.

The rules:

Every time you see blood, take a drink.

Any time someone says “Doctor Proctor”…..drink!

For an added boost, you can add those rules to Jeffrey Lieber’s version of the Miami Medical drinking game, which I had a post about here: Miami Medical Drinking Game – Love It!

It is Friday night, after all, which is a fine time to whip out the booze.

Harnois, unlike co-star Mike Vogel, who plays Doctor Chris Deleo, has been fairly active on Twitter. She’s even posted a couple pictures on there that you can check out:

'Here's the badass himself,' she says of this pic with with William Sadler

She titled this one 'After a six day week'

Vogel’s Twitter page, Mike_Vogel, at least what claims to be his official Twitter page, hasn’t been updated since April 9.

Lana Parrilla’s page, or what appears to be her page, lanaparrilla, is even more void of posts, with only one from April 3.

Jeremy Northam is nowhere to be seen on Twitter, at least not in any official capacity. But him being somewhat media shy and all, I guess I’m not surprised. I also haven’t found one for Omar Gooding.

At least the show’s Executive Producer, Jeffrey Lieber, is pretty active on the site through both his personal page at JeffLieber and his unofficial Miami Medical fan page at CBSMiamiMedical.

After a very fun experience following five members of the Criminal Minds cast on Twitter, I’d love to see the same thing happen with these guys.

I guess I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

In the meantime, my door’s open if you want to pop by with some booze for tonight’s drinking game. The show starts at 10 p.m. Pacific.



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