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Portland: Salvadore Molly’s — A Hunk O Burnin’ Stomach

Over the weekend a few friends and I decided to check out Salvadore Molly’s, a restaurant that’s made its mark on more than a few well-known foodie radars.

My friend, Ria — who I discovered has a stomach made of an iron far stronger than my own — noted to me as we ordered that “This place knows hot. It’s not weak northwestern hot. It knows hot like Albuquerque knows hot.”

Molly’s is probably most famous for its Great Balls of Fire habanero cheese fritters:

Great Balls of Fire: Tread lightly, and carry a big bag of tortilla chips when you attack these puppies.

Of course, both of us having spent quality time in New Mexico, we had to order them.

And yup. They’re hot. Tasty, in a mouth-searing sort of way, but definitely hot.

The balls aren’t even the hottest part — it’s the sauce. Ria actually drenched one of the things in sauce and munched it on down. Me, I had a few tears in my eye after only a tiny bit of sauce on mine.

Adam Richman from Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel ate five of these things once for his show, surviving the food challenge to get on Molly’s wall of fame. Here’s a clip of that from YouTube:

I think one of them was plenty for me. It was good and all, but lets just say the Balls of Fire are also very good at cleaning your pipes for some time after the meal.

I will give you a little tip from New Mexico on how to fight the searing mouth problem, though. Water doesn’t help. Eat tortilla chips, or something bready. It takes the sting away much more effectively.

Balls of Fire aside, the dish I thought was really good was the Louisiana King Jambalaya. You can tell your server on a scale of one to 10 how hot you want them to make your food. I said “somewhere in the middle” and ended up with a dish that, for me, had a perfect amount of zing.

Louisiana King Jambalaya -- yum

The shrimp, chicken and smoked sausage mixed great with the veggies, rice and spices to make this just wonderful. I’d certainly mow one of them down again.

Another friend — they were camera shy, by the way — got the vegetarian Barbados Mac Pie, which is Molly’s take on Mac and Cheese. It has fire-roasted tomato in it and is baked in a banana leaf.

I didn’t try it, but it looked great.

Barbados Mac Pie

We ate out on Molly’s patio, which was great on a warm sunny Spring day. The restaurant atmosphere is pretty low key, and the margaritas looked awfully tempting, although I didn’t surrender to my desire to drink one.

The next time I find myself hankering for some heat, I’ll be back to this joint. I’d recommend it for some unique and tasty food choices.



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  1. This place looks wonderful! My hubs likes spicy food, he would love this! Thanks Sue, I’m loving the foodie explorations!

    Comment by henrysmummy2003 | May 17, 2010 | Reply

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  3. Thanks Gill — you guys will have to come visit sometime and we can spice it up 😉

    Comment by SueVo | May 17, 2010 | Reply

  4. Looks wonderful! Also for seared mouth: bread soaked in milk; banana.

    Comment by Linnigee | May 17, 2010 | Reply

  5. Aah good thought.

    Comment by SueVo | May 17, 2010 | Reply

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