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Miami Medical: Canceled

Well, it’s official. Miami Medical has been canceled by CBS. Sad, after such a great start.

Miami Medical has been canceled. Sorry kids.

There are still five episodes out there and we should learn their fate soon. I’ll also have another interview with Jeffrey Lieber, the show’s executive producer, sometime in the near future.

Here’s what Lieber just announced on his unofficial Miami Medical Twitter site:

Sadly, CBS has just informed us that we will not be renewed. To EVERYONE who had anything to do with the show… cast, crew fans… THANK U.

More info… including the fate of the remaining five episodes… to come in the next few days. Also, season finale… still Friday night.

At least we have the finale to look forward to this Friday. And don’t worry — Miami Medical’s star, Jeremy Northam, will certainly provide us with more entertaining projects in the future. He’s too talented not to.

Chin up,

Update: Gill at The Jer Blog has a little post up on this, too. It’s here: Sad news…Miami Medical is not renewed

I had another little update from Lieber on Twitter, as well: “All good & always interesting. I’m heading to another of Bruckheimer’s show & developing a new pilot.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Lieber just posted this on the fate of the five episodes: “On the good news front… we just found out that 5 additional eps of the show will air from June 4th to July 2nd. Some more of us to love.”


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  1. Keeping chin up. Will miss all the MM fun on Twitter.

    Ah well, Adelante!

    Comment by Linnigee | May 18, 2010 | Reply

  2. Me too Linnigee. Me too.

    Comment by SueVo | May 18, 2010 | Reply

  3. Inspite of all the negative comments on MM from reviewers, the comments on Jeremy Northam’s performance were almost universally praised. Sad about the cancellation, but am looking forward to bigger and better roles in television, movies and, perhaps, the New York Stage for our JN!

    Comment by HazelP | May 18, 2010 | Reply

  4. Yup. Lets hope they give him a good project soon! Thanks Joan.

    Comment by SueVo | May 18, 2010 | Reply

  5. Thank you, Sue, for Dr. Proctor’s hand on Dr. Warren’s (and all our) shoulder(s) comforting us …

    I’m looking forward to your interview with Jeffrey Lieber.

    This TV shows canceling politics really makes me angry. As soon as you like something, you can be sure that it gets canceled sooner or later, because there are not enough twentysomethings who consider it worth watching (or who even get the chance to get to know it).
    Well, this one was canceled MUCH too soon.

    The idea that I possibly will never see the five episodes that already exist is really annoying.

    Comment by Glaros | May 18, 2010 | Reply

  6. Thanks Glaros. I agree – CBS really didn’t give it a proper chance. I get the feeling we’ll be able to check out the last five shows though. Jeffrey Lieber seems dedicated to the fans — I bet he’ll find a way to make it happen.

    Comment by SueVo | May 18, 2010 | Reply

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  8. I really enjoyed Miami Medical! Thanks to Jeffrey Lieber for creating the show, and thanks to the cast & crew for all their efforts! I’m sure we’ll be able to see the unaired episodes on DVD if not before. I will be buying the DVD!

    As for CBS.. FU! I need to boycott your network for awhile I may watch one show, but only because I’m acquainted with a cast member. Stomping off to reprogram my DVR

    Comment by Robyn | May 18, 2010 | Reply

  9. I hear ya Robyn. Sad.

    Comment by SueVo | May 18, 2010 | Reply

  10. Jeffrey just announced that: On the good news front… we just found out that 5 additional eps of the show will air from June 4th to July 2nd. Some more of us to love.
    Looks like we’ll get to see em at least 🙂

    Comment by SueVo | May 18, 2010 | Reply

    • This is great. I can keep enjoying MM all summer. It’s a good summer show anyway, don’t ya think.

      Comment by jennythenipper | May 19, 2010 | Reply

  11. […] forget to check out SueVo’s blog, The Exploding Egg. Sue’s got a post up about the cancellation […]

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  12. A little bit of good news…and let’s face it, our Jeremy acquitted himself well, as ever, and this will lead on to other things for him to choose from, I’m sure. Let’s hope he finds something that suits very soon.

    Comment by henrysmummy2003 | May 19, 2010 | Reply

  13. Aside from Jeremy, the other casts can start looking for another job. They stunk; the script stunk; the dialogue was atrocious.

    Good Job CBS — axe more of these kind of shows that are poorly scripted and directed.

    Sorry kids, just telling it how it is. 🙂

    Comment by monghe | May 21, 2010 | Reply

    • Do you really think that the new show with Tom Selleck will be better? Well, enjoy it!

      Sorry, I’m just telling it how it is. 😉

      Comment by Glaros | May 21, 2010 | Reply

  14. To each his opinion. I really like the show. And Tom Selleck? Not so much. Lol, I’m 40 and I remember my grandmother telling me she thought he was hot.
    Aah well. At least we who want them have 6 more episodes coming. 😉

    Comment by SueVo | May 21, 2010 | Reply

  15. CBS should change their current logo to CBS DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU, ONLY THE ADVERTISERS! CBS Cares my Ass! I DVR’d one episode of this show and it’s pretty damn good. They’ll keep Grey’s on for 5 more years but a rash decision is made on the fate of this show after only a few episodes! The critics called the cancellation of this program when it was decided it would be a Friday night show! I hate when I hear about a (quality) show’s fate even before it’s canceled. Mercy’s cancellation is also a bad call but I wasn’t completely in love with that one and at least it was given time if not the proper amount of promotion. I didn’t even get to see Three Rivers or oh whatever it was called because it was on for about ten minutes. CBS is disgusting! The only thing that is good left is Big Bang and Flashpopint which suprisingly comes back in a few weeks. I mean three CSI’s and ten NCIS’s. Network TV really stinks! I’m not going to mention all the horrible reality shows as far as other networks are concerned but Survivor (totally staged), Big Brother and Amazing Race, they keep coming back and good shows (scripted) get shitcanned right away! Also Two and a half Men became repetitive after the 4th season and it still get’s ratings? What is wrong with people? Their watching pseudo celebs or recycled programming all the time! TV is being destroyed by this crap!!! People, it’s time to show the executives and advertisers that their are people who appreciate quality programming again! Time to turn away from the networks and watch better shows on cable! For the most part unfortunately, premium cable! Also, CBS guaranteed, will not promote the burnoff of this show anymore so if you want to see the remaining episodes look in the tv guide around June. Or you’ll never know when the last few episodes will air!

    Comment by Adam | May 23, 2010 | Reply

  16. I am some twentysomething year old and I enjoy this show SO MUCH! Stuff that totally jumped the shark *Greys and Private Practice* should be cancelled instead. I am absoutely in love with this show.

    Comment by JD | May 30, 2010 | Reply

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