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Portland: A Whole New Kind of Weird

As I strolled out of Fred Meyer yesterday, I came across yet another object of profound weirdness that made me pause, take out the camera and ponder.

Bikin' on the highway... heavy metal thunder... er, maybe not on this thing...

A little too big for the bike rack? I think so...

Portland is, perhaps, the capital city for weirdness in the U.S. — and things like this seem a lot more common here than in other places I’ve visited.

That’s something you just have to love about this rainy green land.

As I approached this particular odd looking contraption, I also noticed a stack of business cards with a note that said “take one” — so I did.

This thing is a “omah garsh freakbike,” according to its owner, Robert Stapleton, who has a blog about them called omah garsh freakbike fanatasy.

Looks like the dude is even going to teach a class on June 21 (ahem, which is Ray Davies birthday, for those of you not in the know) about how to build your own freakbike.

These things are part art, part recycling and part just plain odd. I don’t think I’d personally ride one, but you have to appreciate them — they are pretty damned cool.

He also sells several types of freakbikes, and has trykipeds, three wheeled inline bikes that appear to be made of recycled BMX parts, advertised for $100 each.

On his site, he also notes that “I don’t like MEAN people and cars that hit me when I’m ridin’ my bike!”

I hear ya, buddy, although at least you’re pretty noticeable on those things.

Go check out his site. It’s a trip.



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