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Miami Medical: An Arm and a Leg, Bitten Off Too Soon

Well, it’s sad to be writing about Miami Medical’s season finale, knowing that after this, there will be no more wonderful banter between Doctors Proctor and Sable, no more playful and sensitive interactions between Doctors Deleo, Zambrano and Warren, and no more fast and offbeat humor from the writers of this show, which really wasn’t given much of a shot to succeed.

At least there are five more out-of-sequence episodes that will air in June and July before we have to completely wean ourselves from the weekly dose of what was an enjoyable show.

And to tide us over during the rerun week, (the pilot re-airs next Friday) we did get to feast on a giant, flesh eating, foot grabbing reptile.

How’d they manage to get my ex-boyfriend on this show, anyway?

Ali Gator, age and sex unknown, GSW to the right flank, possible esophageal reflux from ingesting a human foot...

The alligator — I’ll restrain myself from naming him after my ex-boyfriend — takes center stage in the first half of the show, after trying to eat an unwitting golfer and injuring his friends in the process, giving us this week’s cluster of injuries fro the trauma team.

Doctor Proctor (played by Jeremy Northam) and Doctor Warren (Played by Elisabeth Harnois) get to perform surgery on the crock to try to find a patient’s missing foot — a process which Proctor calls “the chance of a lifetime.”

Let's see, we have a fish, some golf balls, a flesh-eating bacteria salad and, oh where did that foot get off to?

This must have been a really funny scene for the actors to shoot. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall watching Northam try to keep a straight face as he rooted around inside a big rubber alligator.

If I were a crew member I probably would have stuck a few other surprises in there, just for fun.

But I digress.

When the foot finally does come out, young Warren looks about ready to lose her lunch. Even Proctor looks a little sick — but the surgery is a success and the foot is deemed re-attach-able.

Yum. Slimey...

This leads to more wonderful banter between Proctor and Doctor Sable (played by Kari Matchett) — who continued their flirt-fest from the last episode into this one.

One of the best parts is when the two are discussing the foot and flirting in front of Warren, who awkwardly asks “should I go do… something?”

Uh, do you guys need some alone time? I think I forgot to go floss my cat...

Doctor Deleo (played by Mike Vogel) also plays prominently in An Arm and a Leg — as he faces a difficult decision of whether to amputate the arm of a young golfer who, along with fighting off the crock, ended up with flesh-eating bacteria. The golfer, who turns 18 at midnight, and her father argue over the decision, which is up to him until she officially turns into an adult in about six hours.

Two good looking men discuss 'flesh-eating bacteria' next, on Oprah...

Faced with the crisis, Deleo uses a very Proctor-like technique. He steals Proctor’s bike and starts driving around in circles, trying to think.

And it's Deleo rounding the corner and coming in by a nose

Proctor, when he comes out to check on Deleo, finds him on the bike, and the following conversation ensues:

Deleo: “I have a problem.”

Proctor: “You have my bike.”

Deleo: “I figured if repetitive motion worked for you I’m willing to give it a try.”

The two then discuss the patient, and Proctor says “You want my help, give me the bike,” after which he hops on and starts riding in circles.

Sorry, Chris, you have to wear cool shades if you really want to look good on this bike

After a few rounds, Proctor comes up with a solution.

“That’s genius,” Deleo says.

“That’s the bike,” Proctor says, hopping off and handing it back to him.

Heading back to his own patient, Proctor finds himself in a situation where he has to do an external bypass to save the man’s foot. This prompts a great little conversation with Doctor Warren.

Proctor: “Ever read Frankenstein?”

Warren: “I saw Young Frankenstein.”

Proctor: “Close Enough.”

After he explains the procedure, she tells him that it’s really more like Franken-foot.

It's alive... ALIVE!!!

When Sable comes in to examine what she calls Proctor’s “crude shunt” — oh yes, the innuendos are flying — Proctor suddenly seems to decide he needs to get back in control of the flirt-fest.

Proctor: “You’re more me than I am, if that makes any sense. And much though I like the idea of dating myself, it’s a little weird.”

Sable: “So where does that leave us?”

Proctor: “You’re just going to have to wait for me to ask you out.”

Oh you want to play that way? Bring it on.

At the end of the shift — foot saved, arm amputated, most, but not all, lives saved — Proctor’s bravado almost seems to backfire as he finally does ask Sable out on a date.

Sable: “Are you asking me out?”

Proctor: “I am, yes.”

Sable: “How unexpected. I’m going to have to think about it.”

Proctor: “Really?”

Sable: “Well it’s just so sudden. I’m worried you might be moving a little fast.”

Where will these two end up? Since we get to write our own endings because the show was canceled, I vote for naked on the beach.

Her indecision lasts only until they step into the elevator.

Sable: “I’ll drive.”

Proctor: “No you won’t. And you won’t buy breakfast, either.”

It’s really too bad that we won’t see any more of this relationship, or the others that were just starting to blossom in the young show.

Bad decision by CBS to kill Miami Medical and replace it with a show starring Tom Selleck, of all people.

I’m 40 and I remember my grandmother telling me she thought he was hot.

Such is life, though. I hope all of Miami Medical’s cast members, crew and writers end up with better gigs and that they know they did a great job at keeping us entertained these past few months.

I plan to try to keep an eye on them. And I’ll have more on Miami Medical as the final five shows air.

Also, check out Gill’s review of this episode at The Jer Blog, here: Miami Medical, An Arm and a Leg review


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  1. Your ex-boyfriend sounds a real charmer! And your Tom Selleck comment…where will I leave your saucer of milk?? Have to agree, the dialogue in this episode was the best yet. Brilliant review, loved it! πŸ™‚

    Comment by henrysmummy2003 | May 22, 2010 | Reply

  2. […] has a great review of this episode up at The Exploding Egg, do go and check it […]

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  3. Thanks Gill! Wouldn’t it be great to see some outtakes of that ‘Gator surgery scene? I’m still hoping for a DVD. πŸ˜‰

    Comment by SueVo | May 22, 2010 | Reply

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Gill Fraser Lee, Sue Vorenberg. Sue Vorenberg said: Miami Medical: An Arm and a Leg, Bitten Off Too Soon: http://wp.me/pS4MF-fI […]

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  5. Fun review about a terrific episode! Loved your captions. πŸ™‚

    Yes, outtakes of the gator surgery scene would be a hoot.

    What a shame we only have a few episodes left. I’m still shaking my head at CBS’s decision to cancel Miami Medical . . . .

    Thanks for your post, Sue!

    Comment by Ansie | May 22, 2010 | Reply

  6. DVD! DVD! Yes, we definitely need a DVD with extras. Shirtless Jeremy Extras.

    Comment by jennythenipper | May 25, 2010 | Reply

  7. Mmmm — count me in on the shirtless extras πŸ˜‰

    Comment by SueVo | May 25, 2010 | Reply

  8. Thanks Ansie! Glad you liked the captions!

    Comment by SueVo | May 25, 2010 | Reply

  9. Why is everyone hating on tom sell8ick let’s give his show a chance I;m one person that likes good t.v. it wont matter how old actors are i do not have to watch my generation every time i touch the remote

    Comment by lamont harden | June 18, 2010 | Reply

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