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Miami Medical: Diver Down Airs Friday

Another Friday on the way, and four more episodes of Miami Medical left before we have to go cold turkey and face withdrawal.

This week we get Diver Down, featuring ill fated divers with the bends (a.k.a decompression sickness) and Doctor Warren (played by Elisabeth Harnois) facing her claustrophobia fears while in a hyperbaric chamber.

Uh, get me the hell out of here, please?

Can’t say as I blame her for bugging out in a confined space. I’m not fond of tight spots myself.

Still, on a side note, the term hyperbaric chamber reminds me of one of my best typos, ever — when I wrote a story and called one of the things a “hyperbolic chamber,” which presumably is a chamber not filled with 100 percent oxygen but rather with 100 percent exaggeration of importance (hyperbole, that is).

Fortunately my editor at the time caught me before the story went to print.

But I digress.

Somebody help Serena, she's trapped in a chamber full of exaggerations!

This episode is another one that was meant to go early. It was written third and intended to go fourth, according to Jeffrey Lieber, the show’s executive producer.

The wrap up of the three story arc with Kari Matchett, which I had thought was coming in this episode, isn’t for a few more weeks, he told me.

Here’s the teaser for the episode from CBS:

I’m not sure why, but the press release information is a bit hard to come by for this one, so here’s what I could piece together from various online spots:


Paul McCrane (“E.R.”) Directs this Episode

“Diver Down” – Dr. Warren faces one of her fears head on when the team treats a group of adventure seekers injured while out on a dive. Meanwhile, Deleo and Zambrano become curious about the new woman in Proctor’s life, on “Miami Medical,” Friday, June 11 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Paul McCrane (“E.R.”) directs this episode.

Screenwriter: Christina M. Kim

Jeremy Northam as Dr. Proctor
Lana Parrilla as Dr. Eva Zambrano
Mike Vogel as Dr. Chris Deleo / Dr. C / Dr. Chris DeLeo
Elisabeth Harnois as Dr. Warren
Omar Gooding as Nurse Tuck Brody

Additional Cast:
Nurse Maskin Maya Hazen
Nurse Graceffa Shanola Hampton
Technician Jon Jon Briones
Brandon Mike Faiola
Tracy Mircea Monroe
Kevin Kiko Ellsworth
Olivia Amy Scott
Paramedic Kleebus Jonathan Runyon
Dark-Suited Man Kevin Fry-Bowers
Olivia’s Mom Holly Kaplan
Cute Guy Toby Maka
Jennifer Jhemma Ziegler


Update: Gill over at The Jer Blog has a great new post up on this as well. Check it out here: Miami Medical, Diver Down preview


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