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Criminal Minds: You’re doing it right…

So anybody that spends more than about five minutes looking at the stuff I post on the Web can probably figure out that I’m a huge Criminal Minds fan.
And I’d certainly count myself among the many complainers last season when the powers that be inexplicably axed both A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster from the show.
But something strange happened on the way to the new season.
CBS actually reversed itself and did something right, which is not what I would have expected from a network that has left me disappointed more than once.
First of all, they got the band back together, reversing the decision to get rid of A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster.

A kick line? Maybe not, but with everybody back, give em time

They also wisely put Erica Messer in charge.

Erica Messer

Consider me part of the Erica fan club. She just gets it when it comes to what this show should be.

They also, after a very prolonged waiting period, signed Thomas Gibson’s contract. His Hotch character is the glue that holds the whole premise of the show together, in my opinion. That they waited as long as they did was odd, but fortunately at least the problem was worked out before filming started this season.

Thomas Gibson (and his beard)

Season six actually had a Hotch-less episode “25 To Life.” I’m still not sure I get that, at all.

But, with the pieces all in place, season seven already had many fans grinning.

But there are actually two sides of the world of Criminal Minds that are equally fascinating.

One side is the one everybody sees on TV each week. The dark stories, the great acting, the interesting family like dynamic on an elite team that has to deal with immense stresses to do its job.

The other side is sometimes even more fascinating. It’s the behind the scenes goofy, irreverent, cast and crew family dynamic that we as fans have been allowed in on to an unprecedented level.

The whole thing started sometime in Spring 2010 when the cast – with the exception of Shemar Moore – all ended up joining Twitter.

They are here, by the way:

Joe Mantegna @JoeMantegna
Thomas Gibson @Gibsonthomas
Paget Brewster @pagetpaget
Matthew Gray Gubler @gublernation
AJ Cook @ajcookofficial
Kirsten Vangsness @Vangsness

I’ve talked quite a bit about the Twitter party already, and if you search through my archives you’ll find a bunch of information about it, so I won’t go into much detail other than saying it’s awesome, they all talk to fans through it and they show us pictures of what’s going on behind the scenes whenever they have time.

Behind the scenes fun

Another component of that is that the makeup artists, supporting actors and some other members of the crew also jumped on board the Twitter bandwagon. They are wonderfully patient at answering questions and dealing with fans, and they aren’t paid nearly enough, in my humble opinion.

To name a few:

Krish Ribeiro @K_T_Rib
Linda De Andrea @lindadeandrea
Nicholas Brendon @NicholasBrendon
Rick Dunkle @rickdunkle
Dayne Johnson @Dayne9165
Anna Fleiner @annafleiner
Kimberly Harrison @iKimHarrison

A whole Twitter community has built up around this, with people all over the world talking to each other about the show and some of the funnier stuff that goes on when we’re not looking.

Then, as the season got ready to kick off, we started getting even more goodies.

CM_Setreport, which is on Twitter, Facebook and has a blog at cmsetreport.blogspot.com, started putting together chats, adding even more photos and putting out videos.

After a few smaller efforts, they released this:

And then this:

The site – run at least in some way through Erica Messer – blows my mind. The plan is to host chats with writers, actors and others involved with the show on a weekly basis at the setreport blog. So far, we’ve been treated to Gibson, Messer, and writer Janine Sherman Barrois. And transcripts of the chats are available online.

The Twitter stuff, as well, gets better all the time. Gibson and Mantegna seem to talk to fans the most from the cast – and we get wonderful goodies like this:

A.J., Goob and Paget

And this:

Mr. G. and Mr. Joe.

It’s just a couple episodes into the season so far, but I have to say as a long time fan of the show I’m thrilled to see how open and inviting they’ve been to their fan community. It’s impressive, and I’ll even give CBS a big thumbs up for letting them do it.

Here’s hoping this great group of folks keeps up the wonderful work. And I hope everybody checks out the new season. So far, it’s been cooler than I could imagine.



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