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Terra Nova: Heck Yeah Dinosaurs!

I think if space aliens found their way to Earth even they might already know that I am absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs – real ones, CGI ones, cartoon ones, movie ones, TV show ones.

And now Fox has now given me a new form of Dinosaur crack cocaine, making this obsession much, much worse.

It comes in the form of a new show called Terra Nova. And can I just say OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG Dinosaurs (gasp)!!!!!

Watch who you feed around here...

All spazzing aside, this show, which has a 13-episode run this fall, is great. It follows the lives of a family from 2149, a time when global climate change, air pollution and overpopulation have pretty much ruined everything for all but the super rich.

The escape hatch, for the lucky ones, is a gateway-wormhole type thing that periodically opens into an alternate timeline in Earth’s history. Those that go through find themselves in a world from 85 million years ago, when big Cretaceous dinosaurs were roaming around eating things, like our mammalian human ancestors who were most likely scurrying around underfoot as mice-like creatures.

So in the show this family of five – which has more kids than is legally allowed in 2149 – manages to escape into the Dinosaur-filled world to start anew in the colony of Terra Nova.

It’s early yet, but the three episodes so far have had quite a bit of cool dinosaur action. Including the youngest member of the Shannon family feeding a brontosaurus, flying bat-like dinosaurs dive-bombing colonists and even full-on human-chomping dinosaurs snacking on a few unlucky security dudes.

Trees are organic, you know.

The show is filmed in Australia, and wrapped up the 13th episode recently. But it seems to be getting decent traction and I hope it gets renewed for next fall.

I’d also just about fall over in glee if it had a guest appearance by Kiwi actor Sam Neill, one of my favorites for a long time, who starred in the Jurassic Park films – well, the two good ones, anyway.

Sam "awesomesauce" Neill vs. Raptors

I’m also digging the cast, crew and writers use of new media. Jason O’Mara, who stars as Jim Shannon, has a cool series of his own cast interviews on his Web site at jasonomara.com.

His tough-guy cop with a bit of a past character on the show is very cool to watch. And the Tomboy in me loves the ooh-rah attitude of Shannon and Commander Taylor (played by Avatar’s Stephen Lang) as they battle an endless stream of tough dinos and splinter-group rebels.

Stephen Lang

Jason O'Mara

Some of the cast, several writers and the director are also active on Twitter and have been great about responding to fan questions on there.

If you want to follow them, I’m curating a list through my Twitter at: explodingegg/terra-nova

And if you’d like to get caught up with the show, you can watch all the episodes for free online here on Fox: www.fox.com/terranova/full-episodes/1389223/

If you’re into dinosaurs, or just good science fiction action, you should definitely give it a go. After three episodes, I’m completely hooked.



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  1. I too love dino-snacking action (AND SAM NEILL!) but I couldn’t make it through the premiere/pilot episode which made my head want to explode, and not in a happy way. I mean the way Jason O’Mara’s character gets past security to use the wormhole?! #facepalm

    That being said, maaaaaaybe I will try again via your links to the full eps. For one thing, presumably fewer commercial interruptions on the web…?

    Plus, your dino fetish is just plain cute, my egg 😀

    Comment by Panda Meets Squirrel (@SesameSquirrel) | October 14, 2011 | Reply

    • Thanks My Squirrel! Yeah it gets waaay better after the escape from the future! 🙂

      Comment by SueVo | October 14, 2011 | Reply

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