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Closing Up Shop

I have no idea why closing my New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union account today and moving it to my new, more national bank makes me sort of sad, but there it is.

Maybe I’ll just miss the convenience of having an office pretty much right in my back yard – which apparently in my mind is down the street in Smith’s parking lot.

The Credit Union

The Credit Union has been my bank since I was a student at the University of New Mexico, so I suppose leaving it makes me vaguely nostalgic. Still, it had to be done.

Besides, I’m not nostalgic for my old student loan payments, which are thankfully long gone.

With the invention of online bill paying services and other digital goodies that have made snail mail somewhat obsolete, I think the paperwork side of moving is going to be much easier for me than it ever has been in the past.

I’ll still have to fill out one of those post office moving things once I find a new place in Portland, but at least I won’t have to snail mail all my account providers the new address — I can just fix it in a few places on the computer and be done with it.

And this is a happy sight — soon it will be complete with a SOLD sign attached to it:

My 'For Sale' sign

Before it’s a completely done deal though, I have to pass the inspections. But my realtor thinks that should go pretty smoothly.

My beach awaits, after all.


Update: Looks like the real estate stealth ninjas updated the sign when I turned my back… here it is now:


April 1, 2010 - Posted by | Albuquerque

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